Mint Wellness - Lemon Custard

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Mint Wellness CBD’s Lemon Custard Tincture provides you with the tastes of a post-dinner treat that can be consumed at any point during your day, completely judgement-free. Each bottle contains 30mL of tincture and either 500mg or 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD, depending on the size of the purchased bottle.

Bring those thoughts of morning dessert to fruition with this highly accessible CBD tincture. Natural lemon flavors apply a moderate tartness to the tincture, while vanilla extract acts as a cream that smoothens the flavor. Together, they create a taste identical to lemon custard that will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide you with a serving of CBD. The bottle can be taken with you on the go, fitting into almost any bag or purse and requiring very little instruction to operate. Application is quick and discreet, allowing you to consume the tincture without garnering the attention of those around you.

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